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Ref: New elementary school preparedness program

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'Emergency Preparedness +' Program Helps Students Plan for Emergencies

BELLEVUE, Wash., April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Symetra Financial and the
National Brokerage Consortium (NBC) announced today that they are
partnering with The Department of Homeland Security's National Office of
Citizen Corps to raise the level of the awareness for emergency
preparedness in elementary schools.
Through this partnership, the National Office of Citizen Corps and its
local Citizen Corps Councils across the country will assist teachers,
students and their families to become better aware and prepared to handle
emergency situations.
Launching the "Emergency Preparedness +" Program, the team of local
Citizen Corps Council and representatives from Symetra and NBC will
facilitate educational forums on emergency preparedness in the classroom,
by engaging the third grade students and their families in discussions
about preparing for emergency situations.
Symetra and NBC are also supporting the Citizen Corps mission by
providing the schools with emergency preparedness kits. The 72-hour
emergency kits include survival items such as water; food; hygiene and
first aid supplies; a thermal blanket and light sticks.
"You never know when disaster will strike, however you can take steps
now to help children understand what to do if something does occur," said
Stan Emert, director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Symetra
Financial. "We are excited to work with Citizen Corps and NBC to help
position students to be prepared in times of crisis."
Program members today presented the kits to the parent teacher
association of Wellington School in Seminole, Fla.
"As educators in a caring community we feel that it is our
responsibility to prepare our families to be safe and prepared in the event
of an emergency," said Cynthia Moon, Wellington's head of school. "I'm
thankful to the Emergency Preparedness + program for supplying the tools
and information needed to develop thorough emergency plans both in our
school and in our students' homes."
About Symetra
Symetra Financial is a family of companies with a half-century of
experience providing retirement plans, employee benefits, annuities and
life insurance through independent advisors and agents nationwide. The
company has more than $20 billion in assets(1) and is owned by an investor
group led by White Mountains Insurance Group Ltd. and Berkshire Hathaway
Inc. For more information, visit Symetra Financial's website at
Reach for great things.(SM)
About National Brokerage Consortium
Founded in 1989, National Brokerage Consortium is a diverse network of
professional insurance marketing agencies with nationwide representation.
The organization is committed to matching the right insurance companies
with the right producers, assuring freedom of choice in product solutions,
and helping build a foundation of success for each member. For more
information, visit
About Citizen Corps
Citizen Corps was created in 2002 by the President to make communities
safer by informing and training citizens, and engaging them in volunteer
activities to support professional responders. Its mission is to bring the
public and non-public sectors together at the community level to get
citizens trained and involved in every phase of the emergency preparedness
and response cycle. As of January 2007, all 56 states and territories, and
over 2,100 local and tribal governments, have formed Citizen Corps Councils
to provide a community-based approach to citizen preparedness. Core Citizen
Corps partner programs include Community Emergency Response Team (CERT),
Fire Corps, Medical Reserve Corps, Neighborhood Watch, and Volunteers in
Police Service. Citizen Corps also partners with 25 major non-profit
organizations and government agencies whose programs promote community
preparedness and through which citizens can find training and volunteer
opportunities to help make their families, homes, and communities safer
from all types of hazards.
(1) Source: Total GAAP assets per financial statements of December 31,
Reach for great things(SM) is a service mark of Symetra Life Insurance
Symetra(R) and the Symetra Financial logo are registered service marks
of Symetra Life Insurance Company.

SOURCE Symetra Financial

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