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Ref: Hearing impaired emergency call technology parntership announced

National Emergency Number Assoc.

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NENA and Positron Join Forces to Aid the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

4350 North Fairfax Drive • Suite 750 • Arlington, VA 22203-1695 • 800.332.3911 • FAX 703.812.4675 •
National Emergency Number Association
The Voice of 9-1-1TM

CONTACT: Ray Paddock
June 4, 2007 (303) 495-3519,

NENA and Positron Join Forces to
Aid the Deaf and Hearing Impaired

TTY-PASS to be integrated into Positron equipment

Arlington, VA – NENA (The National Emergency Number Association) and Positron Public Safety
Systems announced today that they have entered into an agreement to make the TTY-PASS service
available to Positron customers. TTY-PASS is a service developed through NENA’s partnership with
TelecomXchange International (TXI), a Washington, D.C.-based company specializing in
telecommunications testing and performance assessments. It was designed to assist Public Safety
Answering Points (PSAPs) in complying with requirements set out in the Americans with Disabilities
Act (ADA).

As a result of the cooperative agreement, Positron customers will be able to easily interface with the
TTY-PASS service, making testing and compliance extremely simple. The U.S. Department of Justice
(DOJ) requires every call-taking position within a PSAP have its own TTY or TTY-compatible
equipment. PSAPs must have systems that enable call takers to handle TTY calls as promptly, and
reliably as voice calls.

“Positron is committed to supporting NENA and to making it easier for our clients to comply with
Federal regulations and to better serve all citizens in need,” said Philip Grauer, Positron Product
Manager, Alliances & Partnerships.

“We appreciate the absolute right of the Deaf, Deaf-blind and hard of hearing community to have
reliable access to 9-1-1,” said Toni Dunne, Southeast Region Director for NENA and Training Specialist
for Positron. “This agreement helps pave the way for that to happen.”

Launched in 2005, TTY-PASS (Performance Assessment and Scoring System) was developed to
safeguard the nearly 28 million people in the U.S. who are deaf or hearing impaired. The system helps
9-1-1 centers meet federal testing requirements for their TTY’s (also know as TDDs), or text-based
telecommunications devices for the Deaf. The program specifically helps 9-1-1 centers comply with
the ADA by offering web-based, 24/7 access to TTY performance testing. The Federal mandate
requires every emergency telecommunicator have access to text-based telecommunications devices,
and every center’s TTYs must be continually maintained and tested for performance.

TTY-PASS works by sending a three-minute test script to the 9-1-1 operator’s TTY. The 9-1-1 call-
taker then copies the received text into a secure website, where a score is generated. To receive a
passing score, the TTY must meet industry standards by having no more than a total character error
rate of one percent or less.


About the National Emergency Number Association
NENA is “The Voice of 9-1-1.” Now celebrating its 25th year, it was established to promote
implementation and awareness of 9-1-1 as North America’s universal emergency number. NENA has
grown to become the leading professional non-profit organization dedicated solely to 9-1-1 emergency
communications issues. NENA serves its more than 7,000 members in 46 chapters across North
America through policy advocacy, establishment of technical and operational standards, certification

4350 North Fairfax Drive • Suite 750 • Arlington, VA 22203-1695 • 800.332.3911 • FAX 703.812.4675 •

programs and a broad spectrum of educational offerings. Find out more at

About Positron
Positron Public Safety Systems, now an IPC company, is a leader in fully integrated, end-to-end public
safety solutions for call handling and dispatching. Established in 1970, Positron has more than 36
years’ experience delivering mission-critical applications and over 23 years of developing public safety
solutions. With more than 300 employees in offices throughout the world, Positron's global footprint
extends from the United States and Canada through Europe, Africa, Latin America, Australia, Asia and
the South Pacific. Find out more at

About IPC
IPC is a leading provider of mission-critical communications solutions to global enterprises. With more
than 30 years of expertise, IPC provides its systems and services to the world’s largest financial
services firms, as well as to public safety; government; power, energy and utility; and transportation
organizations. IPC offers its customers a suite of products and enhanced services that includes
advanced Voice over IP technology, and integrated network and management services to over 40
countries. Based in New York, IPC has more than 1200 employees throughout the Americas, Europe
and the Asia Pacific regions. For more information visit

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