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Ref: Companies partner to create pollution response and training depots


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Lamor and Swire Unite to Create a New Concept in Oil Spill Response and Ocean Clean Up Capability

SINGAPORE, March 10 /CNW/ - Lamor Group Ltd (Lamor) and Swire Pacific
Offshore Limited (SPO) have established a 50:50 Joint Venture to provide
emergency oil spill response solutions for the Oil and Gas sector.





The joint venture, Lamor Swire Environmental Solutions (PTE) Limited
(LSES) will allow Lamor, a world class leader in oil spill response equipment,
and SPO, a dedicated leader in the offshore supply vessel market, the
opportunity to unite their core expertise, experience and skill sets into a
single bonded global enterprise that will provide the oil & gas sector with
the most cost effective and contemporary solutions to oil spill preparedness
and response available anywhere on the market. LSES will define a new era in
seamless Tier I (local)/ Tier II (national)/ and Tier III (international) oil
spill response.
Operationally, the joint venture is presently establishing strategically
located cross-globe emergency response Depots capable of offering guaranteed,
safe, rapid and overlapping access to Tier II and Tier III oil spill
protection and combat resources.
The service will offer clients a one-stop shop for training, exercises,
equipment, and tiered response supported by dedicated logistics and personnel
deployed and trained to combat spills of national and international
The joint venture will also have access to the Swire Marine Training
Centre which will become a centre of excellence for comprehensive pollution
management training as part of the overall service offering.
To supplement existing inventories in Finland, Singapore and West Africa,
the JV has placed further orders for EURO10 million worth of emergency oil
spill response equipment for initial deployment in the Middle East.
Commenting on the new Joint Venture, SPO Managing Director JB Rae-Smith
said "With the increasing focus on the environment and the problems being
caused by pollution, we have seen increasing requests from our Customers for a
more effective and comprehensive response to pollution related issues.
"LSES has been set up to cater to this demand and will enable SPO and
Lamor to add considerable value to the services we currently provide by
providing locally available oil spill equipment and staff trained in pollution
control and clean up," he said.
"The Joint Venture is unique in the sense that our vessels will be
equipped to handle the additional oil spill equipment and our officers and
crews will be specifically trained in pollution response." Rae-Smith
continued. The key to the service offering is to combine Lamor's experience in
handling pollution response with global SPO's network of vessels and people to
provide an immediate offshore response capability.
Nico Larsen, Vice President Lamor Group, said; "Both companies have
acknowledged a growing emphasis in the marketplace to developing environmental
management capabilities, and in respecting that principal Lamor, has joined
SPO to provide efficient responses to oil spills globally. LSES target is to
set up around 10 regional Tier 3 oil spill response centers. These Tier 3
centers together with the SPO fleet make fast establishment of several smaller
Tier 2 level centers possible. The joint venture also strongly supports our
strategy of global presence and growth in both onshore and offshore
environmental response."
LSES not only offers customers access to oil spill equipment but also
provides the means through SPO's offshore fleet to actually mobilize it to
provide faster emergency responses.
"Lamor has grown substantially in the last 10 years and is now a globally
recognized environmental management business, and through this Joint Venture,
we now have access to SPO's unprecedented global network, to deliver even
higher standards of service to our customers," Larsen says.

Additional information about LAMOR

Lamor is a leading provider of innovative oil spill response solutions
with more than 25 years of experience in oil spill response technologies.
Lamor conduct most of their Research and Development in Finland but have
permanent sales offices and agent networks that cover the globe. Most of
Lamor's patented equipment is produced in Europe, America and Asia. They are
committed to finding new solutions to protect the environment from oil spills
and to leading the way in finding smart solutions to pollution.

Additional information about SPO

SPO owns and operates over 66 offshore support vessels, with a further
650 million USD investment programme in new buildings for delivery from
shipyards in 2008-2011. The fleet includes modern Dynamically Positioned
Anchor Handling Tug Supply (AHTS) vessels which are ideal for use in oil spill
recovery offshore, salvage, towage. SPO also has over 1,600 experienced
seafarers available for a variety of tasks including oil spill containment and
recovery. SPO also has warehouse space in Dubai, Singapore and Cameroon
containing Oil Spill Response and salvage equipment. Headquartered in
Singapore, SPO has regional offices in Australia, Azerbaijan, Brunei,
Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Qatar,
Scotland and the United Arab Emirates, and operates vessels in every major oil
exploration region outside of North America. SPO is a subsidiary of Swire
Pacific Ltd., a blue-chip company listed in Hong Kong.

For further information: Mr Nico Larsen, Vice President, Lamor Group,
+358-40-5177920 or +358-20-7650-100

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