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Nevadan 4-H program helps youths with emergency preparedness

February 8 '07: In Nevada, several 4-H groups have developed a pilot plan that helps to train community children in emergency preparedness, the Nevada Appeal News reported. The program, called the Community Readiness Network, was begun in several western states through the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland Security and 4-H.

"The Nevada 4-H groups focused mainly on emergency preparedness projects including creating a community resource Web page, training on GPS unites and developing 96-hour backpacks used for survival during an emergency," the Nevada paper reported.

The Community Readiness Networks were developed by the USDA and DHS to improve the performance of the Extension Disaster Education Network, a collaborative database that provides information, intranet services and tools to help educators, emergency responders and agriculture.

Using 4-H groups in communities, the USDA has been able to partner responders, state and local government officials and community youths together to teach emergency preparedness on the grass roots level. Students are trained in emergency preparedness, GPS coordinates and map building.

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