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Ref: Local California responders test communication ability during simulated terror attack


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New Technology Tests Local Emergency Responders

Technology Helps Increase Public Safety, Preparedness

Michelle Krish -- Managing Editor

SAN DIEGO -- In an effort to increase public safety and preparedness, San Diego first responders put their emergency service skills to the test Wednesday.
In a simulated terrorist attack, various local agencies demonstrated how new tools will help them if a real attack ever happened in San Diego.
The goal is to have all of San Diego's first responders communicate more effectively. They're doing that with new, state-of-the-art technology.

The multiagency project includes the San Diego police and sheriff's department, San Diego fire and rescue and the California Department of Forestry.
A simulated terrorist attack on the Alvarado Water Treatment Facility was played out in an emergency operations center.
Different allied agencies and groups coordinated their response via video downlink from helicopters, web streaming, real-time video, video conferencing and mapping tools.
It's called the regional command and control communications project, which has taken more than a year to organize.
This project was made possibly by $6 million in local, state and federal grants.

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