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Ref: Texas local government coop launches data sharing network


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North Central Texas Council of Governments Launches Data Sharing Network for Statewide Crime and Link Analysis

News Release
Mar 08, 2007
The North Central Texas Council of Governments today announced the launch of its Law Enforcement Analysis Portal (LEAP), a potential statewide multi-jurisdictional crime analysis system designed to concurrently analyze incident and offender information from the more than 2,500 law enforcement agencies across the state of Texas

Created as a shared resource for the benefit of all officers in law enforcement agencies in Texas, the LEAP network includes COMPuter STATistics analysis (COMPSTAT) and reporting modules reputed for having led to the reduction in major crime in New York City over the past decade; a "search list" capability that continuously seeks information from the entire LEAP network in search of offenders, similar incidents or attributes of a crime; and a complete suite of geospatial analysis and visualization tools to assist officers during the investigation of crimes.

According to Mike Eastland, Executive Director of the NCTCOG, "LEAP complements other important information systems and advances our vision of creating economical shared resource information technology and services for the benefit of local governments in the state of Texas. LEAP will be supported by the participation of local law enforcement officers and their respective agencies on an annual subscription basis and subsidized by fee-based services that are made possible by the LEAP infrastructure."

LEAP was developed by a group of private industry collaborators who invested their own time and money to build out the system for the benefit of and at no upfront cost to NCTCOG. NCTCOG is responsible for administering the network and has convened the LEAP Advisory Committee consisting of 11 chiefs of police and sheriffs to oversee data sharing policy.

The LEAP network is designed to be economically self-sustaining through the levying of nominal fees to subscribers and the development of services for other entities that will help offset law enforcement subscriber fees.

Many criminals know that when they conduct their activities across jurisdictional boundaries, law enforcement oftentimes has a difficult time of identifying the crime patterns and implementing measures to prevent similar criminal activities in the future. LEAP helps to remedy that situation by providing traditional law enforcement officers with cross-jurisdictional information and analytical tools to more rapidly recognize the crime patterns so corrective action may be taken.
News Release

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