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Ref: San Diego State issues emergency preparedness letter to students in wake of VA Tech shootings


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Campus Emergency Preparedness

Emergencies, like Monday's shootings at Virginia Tech University that left more than 30 people dead, can occur at any time and without warning.

"Sadly, this type of incident may occur again at other campuses," SDSU President Stephen L. Weber wrote in an e-mail distributed to all SDSU faculty and staff. "The sobering reality is that it is impossible to completely prevent tragedies such as these, but each of us should be as prepared as possible." (See entire e-mail below.)

SDSU Emergency Procedures

SDSU's Emergency Response Team — a group of university law enforcement officials, communications professionals, safety personnel and other faculty and staff — meets regularly to discuss emergency preparedness and coordinate emergency response and evacuation drills.

SDSU Police Lt. Eddie Gilbert, who leads the Emergency Response Team, said procedures are in place to educate the campus community about steps individuals can take to ensure their personal safety in the event of an emergency.

Employees are also encouraged to periodically review the campus Emergency Plan located on the campus Emergency Preparedness Information Web Site. The site also includes the SDSU Emergency Operations Information Hotline: (866) 794-8832.

During a critical incident on campus, employees should use this phone number for updated information, rather than calling the university police.

In addition, Gilbert recommended all campus employees should:

Know who the Safety Coordinators are for their building
Understand the emergency evacuation process, including a primary and secondary evacuation route and a primary and secondary assembly point
Periodically discuss campus emergency preparedness
Program the SDSU Emergency Operations Information Hotline number, (866) 794-8832, into their cell phones
Nancy Lopez is another leader of the Emergency Response Team. She said SDSU's "Emergency Procedures Booklet" was updated this semester and is currently being distributed to campus offices and classrooms. The new booklet is red, which replaces the previous version (green).

If you have questions regarding emergency preparedness or the SDSU Emergency Plan, contact Lt. Eddie Gilbert in Public Safety or Nancy Lopez in the Office of the Vice President, Business and Financial Affairs.

President Weber's E-mail to Campus

April 16, 2007

Like many of you, I have been following news coverage of today's tragedy at Virginia Tech with considerable sadness for the victims and their families. Today's tragedy was not the first to occur on a university campus – our own campus still bears the scars of a 1996 shooting which left three talented engineering professors dead at the hands of a distraught graduate student. Sadly, this type of incident may occur again at other campuses. The sobering reality is that it is impossible to completely prevent tragedies such as these, but each of us should be as prepared as possible.

SDSU's Emergency Preparedness Web site includes information for SDSU faculty, staff and students on what to do in the event of an emergency. I encourage each of you to take some time this week to familiarize yourself with campus emergency preparedness policies and procedures. If you have specific questions, you are welcome to contact Lt. Eddie Gilbert, SDSU Police, at (619) 594-1980 or

San Diego State places tremendous importance on emergency preparedness and response. Our campus Emergency Planning Team regularly conducts exercises to ensure familiarity with campus emergency procedures – including evacuation drills and shelter-in-place. Each SDSU Police officer, as well as key members of SDSU's Emergency Planning Team, receives considerable training to respond to emergency situations.

In the event of an emergency, contact the SDSU Police at (619) 594-1991. In addition, you may also want to program SDSU's Emergency Operations Information Hotline into your mobile phone: 1 (866) 794-8832. This recorded information line is updated in the event of a campus emergency.

Thank you for your assistance in our preparedness efforts.

Please keep the students, faculty and staff of Virginia Tech in mind this week in the aftermath of this horrible tragedy.

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