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Ref: Florida evacuation route gas stations to install backup generators


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Crist: Gas Stations On Evacuation Routes Must Install Generators

POSTED: 10:15 am EDT May 15, 2007
MIAMI -- Gov. Charlie Crist said Monday most gas stations along hurricane evacuation routes haven't complied with a new law requiring them to install generators so they can still supply fuel if a storm knocks out power.
Crist asked his staff to send a letter to each of the 254 gas stations along hurricane routes to make them aware of the requirement, which the Legislature passed last year. Crist said only about 45 percent of the stations have complied with the law. Hurricane season begins June 1.
"That's a lot of stations that need to get busy in a hurry to have them in place by hurricane season," Crist said. "This is the law and it will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law, including, if need be, to take them to court."
Gas shortages and long lines at stations are a frequent site after hurricanes. In past years, some stations have had gas in their tanks, but no way to pump it out because of power outages.
"This is a health, safety and welfare issue. It's important to be prepared for an emergency," Crist said. "It's not like they're not getting a whole bunch of dough for the gas they've got in their tanks. They should be well able to afford to put these generators on site. Gas is through the roof."
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