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Ref: Emergency preparedness guide for animal caregivers

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Pet Microchip Council Releases Emergency Guide, Establishes Task Force for Call Center

NEW ORLEANS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The American Microchip Advisory Council for Animals (AMACA) announced today the release of its comprehensive disaster preparedness manual entitled ‘An Emergency Management Guide’.
Available free at, the full color guide aids state animal response teams, shelters and veterinarians in their plans for responding to natural or manmade disasters.
The Pets Evacuation and Transportation Standards Act of 2006 requires state and local emergency preparedness authorities to include pets and service animals in disaster plans in order to qualify for grants from FEMA. “The information in the Guide is well presented and covers important areas of proactive preparatory and post-disaster microchipping. I would like to see wide distribution of this tool,” states Scott Trebatoski, President, Florida Animal Control Association and AMACA board member.
The Council also announced membership approval to establish a national Call Center and database to facilitate reuniting displaced and lost pet with their families. A developmental Task Force has been established to accomplish this objective.
The AMACA Call Center will work with pet recovery networks and microchip manufacturers. “The concept is based on a model that has been used in Spain for 15 years. Animal care providers can call the Center and be directed to the appropriate manufacturer or recovery service to expeditiously re-unite lost pets with their families,” said Hannis L. Stoddard III, DVM, president and founder of Avid and an AMACA Advisory board member. “Pet owners will have additional confidence that their animal will be found and reunited.”
The Developmental Task Force, appointed and available online, is moving quickly and anticipates launching the Call Center database this year. Task Force participants can be viewed online at
“I can't be more pleased with the development of this process for getting pets back to their owners. With new companies coming into the market place, this type of an umbrella is an absolute necessity. We want to keep it as basic as we can and still keep information safe and under control,” says Coy Willis, Director, City of Midland Texas Animal Services and AMACA board member.
AMACA is comprised of shelters, veterinarians, microchip manufacturers, recovery networks, rescues, pet owners and others. Membership is free.

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