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Ref: World Conference on Disaster Preparedness


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Media Advisory - World Conference on Disaster Management To Showcase New Products and Services in Emergency Management and Business Continuity Markets

TORONTO, June 29 /CNW/ - From wearable hand hygiene dispensers,
leading-edge wireless communication tools, and emergency preparedness
educational games for kids, to self-cooking meals, emergency evacuation
devices, and quick set-up pneumatic shelter systems, to portable high-volume
water purification systems, a new quick-use format ideal for emergency
manuals, and a real-time collaboration solution enabling first responders,
city officials, and non-government agencies to work together in real-time from
different locations - exhibitors at the 17th World Conference on Disaster
Management ( will feature the latest developments in emergency
management and business continuity products and services.
"The number and range of products and services for individuals and
organizations preparing for and responding to emergencies continues to grow
each year," said Adrian Gordon, President and CEO of the Canadian Centre for
Emergency Preparedness, the non-profit organization that is hosting the event
in association with the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII).
"We're pleased to have many of the most innovative new products on display
this year - and many are Canadian," he noted.
One hundred exhibitors will demonstrate their offerings at the 17th WCDM,
which runs from July 8-11 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South
Building. The event attracts international attendance because of its extensive
conference tracks, with workshops, plenaries, and breakout sessions featuring
over one hundred presenters. Highlights of the exhibit area include:

- Microsoft Canada partnered with Catalyst Capabilities International
and Infusion Development to build the Joint Emergency Planning &
Response System (JEPRS) for the Kelowna Fire Department, in response
to the devastating Kelowna fires of 2003. The deployed solution will
be showcased live at Microsoft's booth.

- Toronto-based Medonyx, Inc. will show how its award-winning gelFAST
wearable hand hygiene system leads to a significant increase in hand
hygiene compliance rates

- WebEOC, emergency management software, and EmerGeo, a GIS (map) plug-
in that allows emergencies to be managed visually using online
mapping tools - including publishing data to Google Earth for press
and management briefings. They are being used by local

- Innovative, self-heating food products that last years without
refrigeration. Three vendors, Action Meals of Kingston, D&B Specialty
Foods Inc. of Woodbridge, and Meal Kit Supply Canada of Guelph - will
display products ideal for responders, corporations, and consumers.

- Water purification tools, including the Can Pure Water Purification
System, manufactured by Global Hydration Water Treatment Systems Inc.
of Kakabeka Falls, Ont. This compact system fits in the back of a
pickup truck, yet is capable of producing as much as 50,000 litres of
potable water per day. Also featured is the GBI 3000 Water
Purification Unit from Goodman Ball of California.

- The new PX3 Junior Board game for kids aged 5 to 10, helps to teach
children how to prepare a survival kit. Developed and manufactured by
the City of Brampton as part of its Emergency Public Education
program, PX3 will distributed to primary schools and kindergartens at
no cost.

- Evacusled of Toronto, is a simple-to-use, emergency evacuation device
designed to reduce risk of injury to patients and staff during
horizontal and vertical emergency evacuations.

- The Emergency Preparedness Guide for People with
Disabilities/Special Needs, developed by Emergency Management Ontario
(EMO), will be explained and promoted by EMO personnel.

- Surge capacity mobile field hospital shelter systems will be
displayed by Mississauga-based Design Shelter Inc. and by Ohio-based
FSI North America.

- Additional exhibits including: the latest in business continuity
products and services, technology solutions to combat cyber
terrorism, and a showcase of educational institutions offering
programs in Emergency Management and Business Continuity, including
Toronto's York University; Sir Sandford Fleming College in
Peterborough, Ont.; and Durham College, among several others.

Members of the general public are invited to view these and other
exhibits at the 17th World Conference on Disaster Management on July 9 and 10
at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building. Admission to the
exhibit area is $25.

For more information, please visit

Media are invited to visit the WCDM exhibits on July 9 and 10 at the
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, South Building. Excellent visuals and photo
opportunities will be available.

For further information: For Media information, or to set up interviews:
David Auger, Media Director, World Conference on Disaster Management, Tel:
(905) 399-9963 (or on-site media desk (416) 585-3822 on July 9-10), Email:

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