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Ref: New Jacksonville emergency alert system calls targeted areas at 60,000 an hour

Jacksonville Business

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City's emergency system can make 60,000 calls per hour

Jacksonville Business Journal - 2:11 PM EDT Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The city's Emergency Operations Center has a new telephone notification system that allows officials to deliver prerecorded messages to targeted areas of the city or the entire county.

The CodeRed system can deliver up to 60,000 messages in an hour and is not limited to numbers found in the phone book. Business, cell phone and unlisted numbers can be added to the system.

"The CodeRed system will prove invaluable in the event the city needs to quickly notify residents of a pending or potential emergency," said Lorin Mock, chief of the county's emergency preparedness division. "This includes sending messages about evacuation orders, hazardous material spills or Amber alerts."

The system is preloaded with listed residential phone numbers, but businesses and people with unlisted numbers or who use a cell phone as their main phone have to choose to be on the list. Phone numbers can be added by going to the city's Web site at and following the link to the CodeRed Emergency Phone Notification System page, or by calling 630-2489.

Residents have to provide first and last names, street address (no P.O. boxes), city, state and zip code to register. Street addresses are needed because the system chooses which numbers to notify based on geography.

The cost of the system is about $100,000 annually and was funded entirely by grants.

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