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Ref: California hospital practices emergency response with quick EOC shelter

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Major emergency drill planned at SVMH

Staff report

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital will hold a large-scale emergency preparedness drill from 2 to 4 p.m. tomorrow in its Breschini parking lot, at the corner of Wilgart Way and San Jose Street.

Engineers at have already set up a massive isolation tent that would serve as a make-shift hospital in the event of an emergency that damaged the main hospital. Equipped with re-circulating air purification for both positive and negative pressure deployments, the tent would also be used in cases of widespread infectious disease or incidents of bio-terrorism.

In addition to using the Portable Isolation Containment System, staff will practice evacuating patients from the top stories of the hospital.

Volunteers from the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office and Salinas Police Department’s Explorer Program as well as Girl Scouts of the Monterey Bay will play victims, complete with costumes and make-up. The Salinas Police Department will also participate in the drill.

The drill tests the emergency preparedness of hospital staff in the event of a disaster. The scenario for tomorrow’s drill is an 8.5 magnitude earthquake that strikes Parkfield, causing major structural damage to the hospital building.

To arrange coverage of this drill, please contact Adrienne Laurent, 759-1966.

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