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Ref: California announces largest mobile emergency medical shelter for civilians

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California Unveils World's Largest Mobile Civilian Hospital in Preparation For Major California Disaster

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. - Preparing for a major west coast disaster, the state of California has built three new 200-bed mobile hospitals, along with other new medical assets. The mobile hospitals are the largest civilian medical response facilities of their kind. The demonstration is part of California's medical preparedness in the event of a major west coast natural disaster. Officials plan to demonstrate the new hospitals, and other high tech medical gear to the public and health officials August 25, 2007, in Los Alamitos.

The event included gathering emergency responders for a hands-on training and dry run with new mobile hospitals. The idea is to prepare officials, police, volunteers and medical professionals for response to a major California disaster with mass casualties and injuries. The exercise will include California Disaster Medical Response Teams, ambulance strike teams, field treatment sites, a fully functional hospital the size of a football field, C130 transport aircraft and other assets will be showcased.

In anticipation of a major disaster, the exercise, called "Rough & Ready 2007" is designed to enhance California's medical response capabilities and to provide a scenario for practicing patient treatment skills in a field environment under disaster conditions. The training will include health, police, doctors, medics, nurses, volunteers and military officials.

The demonstration will be spread across five football fields and include fully functioning civilian mobile field hospital and other new medical assets. Plus, a full-range view of medical response resources in action from ambulance strike teams and field treatment sites to a California Air National Guard C130 transport aircraft. More than 400 uniformed participants, including volunteer "victims," to create a scenario of a major California disaster with mass casualties. Representatives from Emergency Medical Services Authority, California Highway Patrol, California National Guard, California Disaster Medical Response Team, federal Disaster Medical Response Team members, Medical Reserve Corps, Citizen Emergency Response Teams.

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