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Ref: Internet provider works with Red Cross and local government in Caymans during Dean

Cayman Net News

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WestTel supports local disaster preparedness

Cayman Net News

Telecommunications company WestTel Limited has announced their support for Cayman Islands Red Cross operations throughout the 2007 Hurricane Season.

The company was instrumental in providing Internet service to the Red Cross in the period before, during and after the recent passage of Hurricane Dean in August. It plans to continue to be a part of disaster preparedness efforts until the end of the season, which officially closes on 30 November.

The service greatly assisted in Red Cross preparations and made it possible for the local group to keep contact with overseas command centres and other public agencies from one of their hurricane shelters while the Cayman Islands awaited Dean’s arrival.

“We are very grateful to WestTel for their support this Hurricane Season,” said Hemant Balgobin (Cayman Islands Red Cross Disaster Manager). “WestTel’s high speed service was available to us throughout the recent storm, providing us with a vital link to the outside world. The service has already become an important part of our disaster readiness toolkit and we certainly look forward to developing our relationship with WestTel as we continue to improve our ability to respond to emergency situations,” he added.

The company made this possible through its highly portable EasyConnect Internet Service, a device which can be plugged into a wall socket, then into a computer or wireless modem for high-speed access to the information superhighway.

Pointing out the advantages of using WestTel’s Internet service during an emergency, Calvin Morton, WestTel’s Vice President of Sales, said, “We have a unique product in Cayman that is extremely quick and simple to deploy. A key additional feature is portability and this is what really appealed to the Red Cross.”

The service requires no installation or engineering visit, which makes it suitable for an emergency situation. The modem can be deployed from any location, whether it is a home or an office.

WestTel Limited is a provider of voice, data, Internet and professional services to residential, government and corporate customers across the Cayman Islands. For more information call the customer call line on 745 5555.

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