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Ref: New medical disaster segment on XFM radio show

PR Newswire

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Remembrances Sparks Disaster Preparedness Programming On ReachMD XM 233 Satellite Radio

-- In the wake of the Minneapolis bridge, 9/11, Virginia Tech returning and
Katrina --

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill., Sept. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- ReachMD, the voice of the
medical community on XM radio (channel 233), today announced the launch of
their newest programming series, Disaster Medicine and Emergency
Preparedness. The series kicks off on Monday, September 3, 2007 and runs
through the month of September. It is aimed at bringing the most up-to-date
news and information to the physician audience with regards to advances in
disaster and emergency preparedness.
"In light of recent events as well as the anniversary of September
11th, we developed an exciting month of broadcasts to address issues that
are top of mind to many health care providers and medical professionals.
The programming examines the impact and involvement of top healthcare
professionals and first responders in their respected industry," commented
Gary Epstein, CEO of ReachMD.
Segments of the programming will highlight, at least one, of the
following areas; current procedures on public policy of Emergency
Preparedness, successes and failures in the aftermath of events (including
the Minneapolis bridge collapse vs. Katrina), stages of preparedness at
hospitals and critical care centers, Military treatments, PTSD signs and
treatments for victims of disasters, personal accounts for doctor's on the
scene of disasters and much more.
ReachMD XM 233 has developed more than 40 unique and original segments
on disaster and emergency preparedness for the programming schedule. These
programs, as all others on ReachMD, are developed and reported on by
medical professionals, for medical professionals. All of the segments will
air during the month of September. The weekly schedule is posted on
"Of the many outstanding hosts and guests to be featured on ReachMD's
series is a compelling segment with Mimi Tompkins, the world renowned first
officer who safely landed Aloha Airlines after the roof was torn off and
now is a leading expert on emergency response and the strong connection
between mental and physical illness," said Dr. David Preskill, MD, Chief
Medical officer, ReachMD.
The original programming for Disaster Medicine and Emergency
Preparedness includes: "On Call in Hell: War Experiences of a Medical
Hero," "Anthrax as a bioweapon," "Katrina's Effects on Medical Care,"
"Ethical Concerns in a Potential Influenza Pandemic," "Emergency
Preparedness Exercises and Training" and "Private Practitioners Role in a
"In addition to Ms. Tompkins we are thrilled to welcome a number of
doctors and medical professionals including Kristi Rollwagen, deputy
director of emergency preparedness, City of Minneapolis and Dr. Dan
Diamond, director of the Mass Casualties Triage at the New Orleans
Convention Center," continued Dr. Preskill.
ReachMD XM 233 continues to stick to its mission of delivering highly
relevant education, information and communication to medical professionals.
The ReachMD XM channel is a new and innovative media vehicle that continues
to deliver on this mission.
About ReachMD
ReachMD, headquartered in Highland Park, Illinois, is a leading
provider of advanced healthcare information and education for medical
professionals. The company's proprietary technology provides the most up to
date healthcare information in the field through cellular phone, satellite
radio and on-line programs. This technology allows healthcare professionals
access to the latest information in best practices and new advances in
treatment and delivers this information through convenient and accessible
technologies. For more information, visit

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