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Ref: New York health organizations focus on best practices and lessons learned

New York Sun

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Health Organizations Stress Emergency Preparedness


Special to the Sun
September 11, 2007

A slew of health organizations are kicking off programs focused on emergency preparedness to coincide with today's anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

New York Downtown Hospital is expected to hold its fifth annual emergency preparedness symposium today. Geared toward medical professionals, the conference will cover topics related to large-scale emergencies, such as decontamination and communication. Next week, the Primary Care Development Corp. is scheduled to hold a national summit on primary care emergency preparedness. The meeting, slated for September 19, will convene stakeholders including physicians and public health officials.

Since 2003, PCDC has worked with primary care providers citywide, and has implemented programs to ensure preparedness at 39 primary care centers. This year, PCDC will implement the program at another 20 centers at a cost of $1.4 million.

In advance of today's anniversary, the New York Academy of Medicine launched an online tool yesterday to help households, offices, schools, and governmental agencies evaluate and improve their emergency preparedness programs. The program, Redefining Readiness, can be found at

Also yesterday, the city's Department of Health sent a bulletin to health care professionals, urging them to be alert for illness related to bioterrorism.

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