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Ref: San Jose police department partnering with online map mashup for crime prevention

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Police Provide Crime Map for San Jose, Calif. Residents

San Jose

Sep 18, 2007, News Report and the San Jose Police Department have announced a new partnership that will provide easy to read crime maps and automated alerts to the citizens of San Jose.

The service is free to members of the public, and allows citizens to receive alerts automatically via email if a crime occurs near their home. It also allows citizens to view reported crime activity on an easy to use map for any location within San Jose boundaries. The system identifies the date, time, event number, final event type, location, and final event disposition of Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) calls for service for the most recent thirty (30) days to date and is updated nightly. Event location information is provided at the block level or intersection.

"By participating in, the San Jose Police Department is demonstrating its commitment to service and safety by making crime information available to the citizens of San Jose," said Greg Whisenant, co-founder and CEO of Public Engines, which makes the application. "Chief Davis and his staff are forward-looking, providing timely, location specific information to the public when some law enforcement agencies are reluctant to do so," he said.

The San Jose Police expressed an early interest in, allowing them to become one of thirty "Foundation Partners" nationwide that provide guidance and input into the direction of the service. Upcoming new features driven by the Foundation Partners include:

Analytics and dashboards for public use;
Video integration, allowing law enforcement to attach digital video to specific crimes when it is available;
SMS alerting, allowing the SJPD to send alerts to specific neighborhoods if specifically requested by the department.
Neighborhood Watch tools, where residents of specific neighborhoods can contribute information.
Notably, the San Jose Police Department is the first department nationwide to integrate using the "CrimeReports Connector," a software program that manages the automated connection between the law enforcement agency and Chief Davis' staff managed the integration and made critical contributions in the development of the Connector which takes advantage of San Jose's CAD data: high volume, rich context data delivered securely to automatically every night.

"The Chief's ongoing attention was instrumental in optimizing the performance of the application, both for the SJPD, other departments, and the communities served," said Christian Faulconer, co-founder and COO of Public Engines. "Their commitment and staff expertise will have a lasting impact, and we are extremely pleased that the San Jose Police Department is using and contributing to the service."

The service provides data in near-real time and is available now.

Founded in 1777, San Jose is the oldest city in California and is the third largest in the state covering over 177 square miles. San Jose is the 10th largest city in America with an estimated population approaching one million residents, and has received the "Safest Big City in America" acclamation for the last five consecutive years (Morgan Quitno Press). The San Jose Police Department, led by Chief of Police Robert L. Davis, is a dynamic, progressive, and professional organization dedicated to maintaining effective community partnerships which promote a high quality of life and relatively low crime rate for the city's diverse population. The San Jose Police Department has been a leader in establishing and maintaining trust and confidence with its residents. is a Web site that provides tools to help law enforcement agencies communicate directly with members of the public using high impact maps and automated alerts. The service was launched in beta with the Metropolitan Police of Washington, DC in March 2007, and was made available to any accredited law enforcement agency in the United States starting in August 2007.

The service can be integrated with any law enforcement records management system, and uses multiple technologies to deliver its service, including Google Maps and the Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM). The Web site is a service of Public Engines, Inc. based in Salt Lake City.

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