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Ref: Ready When the Time Comes program partners local community organizations in New York with Red Cross

Mid Hudson News

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Elant partners with American Red Cross to prepare for disaster relief

Goshen -- Elant has partnered with the American Red Cross in Greater New York in a new initiative called "Ready When the Time Comes," a program that trains volunteer teams for deployment in the event of a major local disaster.

More than 25 employees of the not-for-profit Elant network will be trained in disaster services and preparedness and will serve as a reserve task force that can be called upon to support the relief operations of the Greater New York Red Cross during major local emergencies, such as floods or blackouts.

Volunteers will be trained in areas such as sheltering, feeding, bulk supply distribution and mobile call center operations.

Elant volunteers will be prepared to support all aspects of Red Cross operations, from providing direct aid to New Yorkers in times of disaster to training and community outreach.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the Elant system to support and assist our neighbors in their time of need, and continue to expand our services to the communities we serve,” said Elant’s Emergency Preparedness Executive Dean Ianazzi.

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