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Wildfires in California prompt quick response and evacuation

October 22 '07: The Los Angeles Times has reported that local communities in Southern California are rushing to respond to the intense wildfires sweeping through at least seven counties. More than 30,000 reverse 9-1-1 calls were made to residents urging them to evacuate from the "unrestrained fires." Local emergency officials also have partnered with area businesses to organize an effective response, the Times found.

Meanwhile, a state of emergency has been declared, the Associated Press has reported. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger identified "Los Angeles, Orange Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties," as official disaster sites.

At least one fire was believed to be arson, while two more were connected with downed power lines.

"Qualcomm Stadium and the Del Mar Fairgrounds opened as evacuation centers," the Times wrote. "Schools throughout the country and at UC San Diego were closed. At least a dozen homes were lost to fire." To help readers stay abreast of the condition and location of the fires, the Times has provided a Google Maps page indicating the blazes.

For more video coverage CNN is streaming live coverage of the wildfires from its website.

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