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Ref: Geo-imaging company helps responders in California

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Geospatial Data and Imagery Available to California Emergency Workers Online in GeoPDF Format

Written by TerraGo Technologies
Tuesday, 06 November 2007
TerraGo Technologies and GeoEye, Inc. Partner to Make Geospatial Data and Imagery Available to California Emergency Workers Online in GeoPDF® Forma

ATLANTA, GA – November 6, 2007 – TerraGo® Technologies and GeoEye, Inc. (NASDAQ: GEOY), the premier provider of geospatial information, imagery and solutions, have partnered to make detailed imagery in GeoPDF files available to emergency workers and relief organizations battling wildfires and serving those affected by their aftermath in southern California.

On October 25th, GeoEye tasked its IKONOS Earth-imaging satellite to collect approximately 5,200 square kilometers of high-resolution imagery over fire-damaged areas surrounding Los Angeles and San Diego. TerraGo Technologies used Map2PDF® tools to compress about 19 gigabytes of one-meter ground resolution imagery into GeoPDF mapbooks of less than 600 megabytes that can easily be distributed via CD and used by anyone with Adobe® Reader®. The GeoPDF files come with an index and bookmarks for easy access to images as well as a Quick Start guide for first-time users. TerraGo Technologies has published the data at for download free of charge.

GeoPDF is the only geospatial data distribution and collaboration format that leverages the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) to give users powerful mapping functionality and capabilities in an application most people already have and know how to use. Once users download the GeoPDF files, they are able to locate, display, freeze and unfreeze coordinates, display multiple coordinate systems, measure distance, bearing and area and insert redlines, notes and markups. Users can also export updates to .shp files to help everyone better manage activities on the ground and improve communications.

GeoEye collected the data in both true color (multispectral) and false color (near-infrared), since destruction from fire is more readily observed in a false color image. The false color images were taken in near-infrared light spectrum, so the reddish colored areas actually show green or living vegetation and the blackened or charred areas throughout most of the images show areas that have been burned by the fires.
“The true and false color imagery together can be used by various organizations to assess and measure damage to homes as well as the wildland habitat. It also is used for fire modeling, disaster preparedness, insurance and risk management and in disaster mitigation efforts to
control erosion or flooding after the fire is out,” says Mark Brender, GeoEye vice president of Corporate Communications.

“This prepackaging of GeoPDF files with various GeoEye datasets and imagery has helped emergency and disaster relief workers respond more effectively, but this data will also be useful for those who are tasked with recovery and rebuilding projects,” says Karen Morley, TerraGo Technologies senior director of marketing and photogrammetry expert. “Because we can achieve these kinds of compression ratios—better than 30 to 1—and create GeoPDF files that are easy to use anywhere with or without an Internet connection, we’re seeing the format deployed more and more in emergency management and recovery operations.”

About TerraGo Technologies

TerraGo Technologies makes it simple to connect all kinds of users to geospatial mapping data. GeoPDF is the industry’s only geospatial data distribution and collaboration solution to leverage the ubiquitous Adobe portable document format breaking down technology barriers between geospatial professionals and the people who need access to geospatial data. Using MAP2PDF, geospatial professionals are able to convert complex geospatial information into user friendly, interactive GeoPDF files with extensive embedded data and mapping features. Users leverage Adobe Reader to perform a variety of viewing and editing functions. Customers include government agencies, utilities and other private enterprises. For more information, visit

About GeoEye
GeoEye is the premier provider of geospatial information, imagery and solutions for the national security community, strategic partners, resellers and commercial customers to help them better map, measure and monitor the world. GeoEye operates a constellation of Earth imaging satellites, mapping aircraft and has an international network of ground stations, a robust imagery archive, and advanced geospatial imagery processing capabilities. The launch of GeoEye-1 is slated for late first quarter or early second quarter 2008 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. GeoEye-1 will be the world's highest resolution and most accurate commercial imaging satellite. GeoEye is a public company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the symbol GEOY. GeoEye provides support to academic institutions and non-governmental organizations through the GeoEye Foundation. Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, GeoEye maintains a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS), and has achieved company-wide ISO accreditation. For more information, visit

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