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Ref: Property services company helps recovery of hurricane victims

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Donation

Tuesday, 20 September 2005
Safeguard Properties, Inc. to Donate $500,000 to Disaster Relief

Brooklyn Heights, OH – September 20, 2005 – Safeguard Properties, Inc., one of the nation’s largest privately held field services company, announced today that it will donate $500,000 in disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Safeguard is largely known as the leader in providing property preservation, inspections, valuations, title, hazard insurance claims and repairs, and REO and asset management services to the mortgage industry – all of which are integral to the recovery effort.

"Safeguard performs property inspections and preservation work on home owners’ properties and now it’s time for us to pay back the home owners in their time of need," explains Safeguard CEO Robert Klein. "We have been inspired by the donation efforts of large corporations and wanted to do our part. The mortgage industry is struggling to assess the extent of damages to the properties. We are working non-stop to provide support in these and other integral aspects of the recovery effort."

In addition to providing $500,000 in disaster relief for Katrina victims, Safeguard is working non-stop to inspect hundreds of thousands of properties in the impacted areas. This includes documenting damages of individual homes as areas become accessible, and then taking immediate steps to prevent further damage. Klein notes, "Each of these properties has a mortgage, and damage to the property directly impacts that mortgage."

The company is also going to great lengths to aid the embattled mortgage industry, accomplishing the previously unheard-of task of uniting the mortgage servicing industry to resolve the issues at hand. Safeguard has already initiated and hosted several "industry awareness" conferences calls which drew hundreds of attendees, including representatives from HUD, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, VA and the MBA, as well as numerous lenders, insurance carriers, field services vendors and financial service institutions. Safeguard has offered to continue these conference calls on a regular basis throughout the duration of the crisis.

While these group discussions and forums help support the mortgage industry through this crisis, Klein notes the results of those meetings and the efforts of Safeguard and the mortgage servicing industry ultimately have a humanitarian impact. "Although the destruction might be immense, people displaced from their homes want whatever help they can get to protect their homes. Knowing that their mortgage company is there to help might ease their minds so they can better face other struggles at hand," says Klein.

For information on participating in Safeguard’s industry awareness calls contact Nicole Alling at or call 800.852.8306, Ext. 1125.

About Safeguard Properties, Inc.

Safeguard Properties, Inc. is the nation’s largest privately held mortgage field services company, offering field services for the mortgage loan industry including property preservation, inspections, valuations, title, hazard insurance claims and repairs, and REO and asset management services. Founded in 1990 by Robert Klein, Safeguard is supported by a nationwide network of contractors as well as by numerous ancillary services in the U.S., the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Klein built his company around the belief that "Customer Service = Resolution," a testament which has become the Safeguard doctrine.

Since 1996, Safeguard has been listed on the Weatherhead 100, which honors the 100 fastest-growing companies in Ohio. In 2004, it received the prestigious Weatherhead Centurion award, which acknowledges companies achieving 100 percent or more sales growth over a five-year period and net sales of $100 million or more.

For more information about Safeguard Properties or to subscribe to the company’s free industry alerts, visit

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