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Group works to train for increased fire department preparedness and outreach

November 16 '07: A recent partnership designed to test communities' abilities to respond to fire emergencies in multicultural settings using the GoToMeeting online collaborative meeting tool was aided by a group which is seeking to build better relationships between fire departments and their communities. The group, Fire 20/20 works to highlight and support best practices among the fire fighting and EMS community.

According to the group's website, Fire 20/20 "is a research and education nonprofit organization dedicated to uniting Fire and EMS stakeholders to recruit and retain a qualified, inclusive, competent fire and EMS workforce by the year 2020."

Their goals include working with organizations surrounding the fire and EMS communities; documenting and distributing best recruitment, hiring and promotional practices; and creating, field testing, implementing and evaluating programs seen as effective in promoting diverse fire and EMS workforces.

Fire 20/20's partnership with Citrix's GoToMeeting, with funding from the Department of Homeland Security, culminated in a report and highlights section.

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