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Ref: Dickinson College installs emergency notification network


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Press Release Source: 3n (National Notification Network)

Dickinson College Selects 3n for Critical, Campus-Wide Emergency Communications
Monday January 14, 11:00 am ET

3n's InstaCom Campus Alert System to Ensure Rapid Communication to Students, Faculty and Administrators During Crises

GLENDALE, CA--(MARKET WIRE)--Jan 14, 2008 -- 3n (National Notification Network), the leading mass notification system provider, announced Dickinson College has selected 3n's InstaCom Campus Alert solution to automate communications with its students, faculty, staff, and response teams during an emergency. The college will leverage 3n's mass notification solution as a virtual operations center to accelerate response times when team members are separated physically in addition to relying on the 3n system for targeted and campus-wide communications.

Dickinson College made the decision to implement 3n's InstaCom Campus Alert solution to enable it to efficiently and effectively address a number of emergencies. The college can now reach those students and employees who signed up for the service with immediate news and instructions across a wide range of communication devices.

"After evaluating 15 different notification vendors, we selected the 3n system as the platform for Dickinson College's campus emergency communication strategy," said Nick Stamos, Vice President of Campus Operations at Dickinson College. "Most of the vendors that offered notification services provided only a limited number of contact paths; 3n offered the broadest range of contact capabilities with a redundant system that acts as a failsafe so that we needn't worry about system downtime. The 3n system is flexible and user-friendly, allowing members of our college community to choose the contact paths that best fit their lifestyles."

"In the educational hierarchy, personal safety is increasingly becoming a critical aspect of day-to-day campus life," said Cinta Putra, co-founder and CEO of 3n. "It is becoming an operational imperative for colleges and universities to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring a safe campus environment and having an emergency notification system is a key part of that effort. We are proud to have been selected by Dickinson College to provide this essential communication tool that will significantly enhance the college's emergency response capabilities."

About 3n® (National Notification Network)

3n (National Notification Network) is the leading global provider of mass notification solutions to Global 2000 corporations, government agencies, healthcare systems, and educational institutions in more than 70 countries with the ability to communicate in more than 230 countries worldwide. 3n's innovative and powerful mass notification system is the most advanced, efficient and easy-to-use on the market today, enabling organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to crises and achieve considerable bottom-line savings in routine and emergency situations. For more information about 3n, log on to or call toll-free at 1-888-366-4911.

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