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Ref: United Technologies Power installs on-site power generation in Connecticut hospital

UTC Power

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Windham Community Memorial Hospital to install ultra clean energy system from UTC Power

SOUTH WINDSOR, Conn., Dec. 10, 20072007 – Windham Community Memorial Hospital in Willimantic, Conn., today announced it has selected UTC Power to provide ultra clean on-site power, cooling and heating at the 130-bed not-for-profit facility. UTC Power is a United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX) company.

According to Edward Bussiere, director, facilities and construction at the hospital, “We selected the UTC Power system because it will meet our energy needs, makes sense financially and provides impressive environmental benefits.”

The UTC Power system is extremely energy-efficient and can achieve an overall energy utilization of up to 90 percent – far greater than the 33 percent efficiency of the national power grid.

Pollutant emissions will be cut significantly. “Compared with traditional energy systems, the UTC Power system will allow the hospital to avoid carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to the benefits of planting 189 acres of forest and the nitrogen oxide emissions avoided will equate to removing 233 cars from the road annually,” said UTC Power President Jan van Dokkum.

Also, compared with traditional power generation sources, this UTC Power system will save more than a million gallons of water annually and cooling will be achieved without the use of ozone-depleting fluorocarbons.

Comprised of a PureComfort® Model 260 unit and two PureThermal® Model 65 units, the UTC Power equipment package will produce a total electrical output of 390 kW and displace a substantial portion of the hospital’s purchase of grid power. The chilled water supplied by the equipment will displace the cooling output of existing chillers, and the hot water output will reduce demand on the hospital’s boilers.

Windham Community Memorial Hospital purchased an 11-year UTC Power Energy Services Agreement, meaning the equipment, installation, maintenance and service are managed exclusively by UTC Power. This is the first hospital to install a PureComfort system as part of the new UTC Power Energy Services Agreement program. Butler Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, also installed a PureComfort cooling, heating and power system.

Windham Community Memorial Hospital has applied for funding under the state Department of Public Utility Control Incentive Program for Customer-Side Distributed Resources program.

UTC Power, based in South Windsor, Conn., is a full-service provider of environmentally advanced power solutions. The company is a world leader with nearly 50 years experience in developing and producing fuel cells for on-site power, transportation, space and defense applications, as well as a leader in innovative renewable energy solutions and combined cooling, heating and power solutions for the distributed energy market.

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