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Ref: Welch Allyn develops wireless bedside data solution for hospitals

Welch Allyn

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Welch Allyn First to Offer Wireless Vital Signs Data Delivery from Hospital Bedsides

HIMSS Trade Show and Exhibition, Orlando, Fla.
Welch Allyn, a leading manufacturer of frontline medical products and solutions, today introduced the Spot Vital Signs® LXi with wireless data transfer, making it the first company to offer wireless vital signs transmission capabilities from the bedside. Dubbed the industry's fastest multi-parameter spot-check device, the Spot Vital Signs LXi now offers the fastest way to send patient information to electronic health records (EHRs.) The device uses Welch Allyn Connex® Data Management System technology, a barcode scanner, and a wireless radio to capture and transfer patient vital signs quickly, easily and accurately to a wide variety of EHRs-providing a simple workflow solution in low-acuity hospital settings.
"The speed of the Spot Vital Signs LXi revolutionized vital signs capture, and now with the industry's first wireless bedside component, hospital caregivers can deliver optimal care more accurately and efficiently than ever before," said Dave Perkins, vital signs business manager, Welch Allyn. "In today's demanding healthcare environment, providers don't have time to search for multiple pieces of equipment to capture and transfer vitals. Adding wireless capabilities to this device dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to take and document vital signs, meaning providers have more time to spend with their patients."
The Spot Vital Signs LXi with wireless data transfer automates the capture of basic vital signs, and the Connex Data Management System sends the results directly into the facility's EHR system. In addition, Connex has a range of barcode driven workflows, allowing for quick and accurate patient and clinician identification.
"With immediate access to patient data, nurses can communicate quickly with staff members and make faster decisions," said Meg Meccariello M.S., RN, clinical lab coordinator at St. Joseph's College of Nursing and lead researcher of a Connex data management trial at St. Joseph's Hospital in Syracuse, New York. "Clinicians need to react quickly to changes in patients' conditions and get access to current patient data from anywhere on the hospital's network. By working without paper, mistakes or delay, automated vital signs documentation can help hospitals take enormous strides towards streamlining workflow and ultimately improving patient care."
The 802.11b wireless radio can attach to the Spot Vital Signs LXi either as a wall mount or on a mobile stand, and Welch Allyn technicians will provide on-site setup to ensure that it runs on the hospital's network. The upgrade to the wireless device requires a new version of firmware and is currently available for hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. An 802.11g wireless radio will be released later this year.
"The Spot Vital Signs LXi with wireless data transfer allows nurses to capture vital signs with minimal changes to their workflow, and helps ensure fast and accurate documentation-so all clinicians have access to the latest data," added Perkins. "This will help providers quickly notice those changes in vitals that indicate important changes to patient health. Simply put, the wireless Spot Vital Signs LXi and Connex can help deliver some of the promise of IT, where documentation is more accurate and actually frees up some of the clinician's valuable time."
For more information about the Welch Allyn Spot Vital Signs LXi Wireless, please call 800.535.6663 or visit
About Welch Allyn
Welch Allyn, Inc. was founded in 1915 and is today a leading manufacturer of innovative medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, and miniature precision lamps. Headquartered in Skaneateles Falls, New York, Welch Allyn employs more than 2,300 people and has numerous manufacturing, sales, and distribution facilities located throughout the world. For more information, please call 800-535-6663 or visit

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