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Ref: Chemical industry helps during Cyber Storm II exercise

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ChemITC Coordinates Chemical Sector Participation in Cyber Storm II

ARLINGTON, Va. - (Business Wire) The Chemical Information Technology Center (ChemITC) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) facilitated the participation of 10 chemical companies in the largest cyber security exercise ever organized – the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Storm II.
Conducted by the DHS National Cyber Security Division (NCSD), Cyber Storm II brought together participants from federal, state and local governments, critical infrastructure sectors and the international community to examine and validate incident response and coordination capabilities in the event of a multi-sector coordinated attack on the global cyber infrastructure. Cyber Storm II provided an excellent opportunity for participating chemical companies to test their incident response and crisis communication processes, and identify areas where improvement is needed.

“Since 2002, chemical company cyber security experts have worked diligently through ChemITC to develop guidance that can help companies enhance their cyber security performance. In addition, we have realized significant advancements in the development of a public/private partnership with the Department of Homeland Security over the past five years,” said Chris Bryant, managing director of ACC’s Chemical Products and Technology Division. “Cyber Storm II allowed participating companies to examine how well they engage their corporate processes and resources, as well as resources available at the sector level, across other critical infrastructure sectors and with government agencies during a simulated, large-scale coordinated cyber attack.”

According to Bryant, Cyber Storm II is expected to reveal important lessons at all levels of information sharing during crisis conditions, both within individual companies as well as when companies need to escalate communication to the sector level and engage entities outside the chemical sector.

The chemical industry has a long-standing commitment to enhancing the security of its facilities and supply chain, and a critical piece of the equation involves bolstering the security of information technology and manufacturing control systems. The chemical industry’s participation in Cyber Storm II is another example of its willingness to work with government agencies to enhance the security of our nation’s critical assets and improve the vital role chemical companies play in society.

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About ChemITC

The Chemical Information Technology Center (ChemITC®) of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) is a forum for ACC member companies to address IT issues of common concern and support the industry’s ability to safely and efficiently deliver products and services essential to society. ChemITC addresses specific IT issues of member interest through its strategic programs – the Chemical Sector Cyber Security Program, Industry Networking Groups and Survey and Benchmarking. For more information about ChemITC, please visit

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