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Ref: New emergency communications network for Santa Clara County

PR Newswire

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Harris Stratex Networks Awarded Emergency Communications Network Wireless

Transmission Contract by the City of San Jose, California

New microwave radio network to be installed, integrated and maintained for
31 agencies throughout Santa Clara County

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., April 2, 2008 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --
Harris Stratex Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: HSTX), the leading independent
supplier of turnkey wireless transmission solutions, today announced a new
$9.1 million contract with the City of San Jose, California to engineer,
install, integrate and provision the Emergency Communications (ECOMM)
private microwave radio network. Under the terms of the agreement, Harris
Stratex Networks also will supply full maintenance support and services for
the ECOMM network during its first year of operation.

ECOMM is designed to support interoperable communications between law
enforcement, fire protection and emergency medical services for 31
different agencies in 18 jurisdictions throughout Santa Clara County,
California, including the City of San Jose. The ECOMM digital backbone will
link a total of 14 different 9-1-1 call centers in the county, providing
high-speed sharing of dispatch services, records databases and voice
traffic, enabling first responders to improve local incident response times
and better manage regional incidents. The project is funded by grants from
the U.S. Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security. The
Santa Clara contract represents the fourth multi-million dollar project
involving Homeland Security funding won by Harris Stratex in the past 18
months in California's Bay Area.

"One of the major issues facing the emergency services sector is the
inability of emergency service workers, including traditional first
responders, to communicate with one another as efficiently as possible when
they need to do so," said Jayne Leighton, vice president, North American
Sales and Services, Harris Stratex Networks. "The ECOMM Network addresses
those challenges. We are working closely with City of San Jose and Silicon
Valley Regional Interoperability Project (SVRIP) officials to provide the
engineering, design, hardware, training, installation and integration
services for this critical communications network."

"This innovative program developed by the SVRIP links agencies and
entities throughout Santa Clara County with a high speed interoperability
network that will improve communications, dispatch and response to all
regional incidents, enhance information sharing and allow for many other
important partners to add their systems at a future date," said Scott
Seaman, Chief of Police of Los Gatos, California and Chairman of the SVRIP.

"Interoperability means strengthening interagency coordination and
enabling the region's first responders to exchange critical information and
resources. We are pleased to have the support of the Departments of Justice
and Homeland Security in this effort, and to be working with Harris Stratex
Networks on provisioning, deployment and maintenance."

ECOMM to Support Interoperability across 18 Jurisdictions in Santa
Clara County

ECOMM will support advanced interoperability applications deployed by
the SVRIP, comprising 18 jurisdictions throughout Santa Clara County. It
will interconnect Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems between
jurisdictions, and facilitate the sharing of law enforcement records
management information, along with the deployment of new interoperable
hybrid 700/150 MHz mobile radio systems. As a result, previously isolated
jurisdictions and stove-piped systems will more effectively communicate and
share resources across boundaries during multi-agency and
multi-jurisdiction emergencies.

ECOMM will use a variety of industry-leading products and systems
developed by Harris Stratex Networks, including the company's TRuepoint(R)
6400 and 5000 radios. Harris Stratex has completed an engineering study,
along with a final system design for the project. All CEQA and NEPA
environmental approvals and all conditional use permits from each local
agency have been obtained. ECOMM site construction will begin in spring
2008, with final commissioning in fall 2008. The 18 jurisdictions involved
in the program are now developing a cost formula for system maintenance,
which will be apportioned across each city and town in the county based on
population served by ECOMM.

TRuepoint Provides Flexible, Versatile Digital Platform

The TRuepoint product family, including the 6400 and 5000 radios,
provides the City of San Jose and the other cities and towns in the SVRIP
with a flexible, versatile digital communications platform designed
specifically to conserve space and support a wide range of interfaces
include TDM, Ethernet and SONET. The newly introduced TRuepoint 6400 offers
standard and high-power transmitter options that enable administrators to
plan flexibly while reducing transmission costs; interfaces, capacity and
protection switching can be added easily and without interruption to

A typical application which would be carried on the ECOMM network will
be a unique CAD to CAD system. Using this system, a fire dispatcher can
immediately identify available resources from adjacent jurisdictions or
from previously established manually managed resource sharing protocols
that could be dispatched in a critical emergency. This kind of rapid
response will save valuable time compared with the current practices, which
requires a series of telephone calls and conversations to identify, request
and confirm dispatch of resources. The robust capacity of the ECOMM network
will enable public safety officials to quickly share increasingly data
heavy information such as video which is often distributed manually to law
enforcement personnel.

Also, ECOMM will be independent of commercial wireless and telephone
networks, which often overload and fail during major regional incidents.
Independent operation eliminates the potential for delayed or uncoordinated
responses. The network will eventually link to other interoperable public
safety microwave systems being built in the greater San Francisco Bay
region, extending from Monterey to Sacramento.

About Harris Stratex Networks

Harris Stratex Networks is the world's leading independent supplier of
turnkey wireless transmission solutions. The company offers reliable,
flexible and scalable wireless network solutions, backed by comprehensive
professional services and support. Harris Stratex Networks serves all
global markets, including mobile network operators, public safety agencies,
private network operators, utility and transportation companies, government
agencies and broadcasters. Customers in more than 135 countries depend on
Harris Stratex Networks to build, expand and upgrade their voice, data and
video solutions. Harris Stratex Networks is recognized around the world for
innovative, best- in-class wireless networking solutions and services. For
more information, visit

TRuepoint(R) registered trademark of Harris Stratex Networks or its
subsidiaries in the United States and other countries.

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